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In 2011 an extensive restoration to strengthen and wash the southern façade of the Archangel’s Cathedral was done. Since the last restoration works, carried out here in 1998, the façade has been damaged greatly under the influence of environmental factors, which included a dirtying of the walling, detachment of the finishing coating, destruction of some white-stone details. An acute exposure to the atmosphere damaged the white-stone wall piers.

During the restoration work the façade, the corroded details of the forged window grills and other metal decoration have been cleaned out and prepared for a new finishing coating and repainting. The damaged white-stone elements of some capitals, carved pillars and shaped cornices were replaced by new piece.

In the southern white-stone portal of the gallery, erected in the XIXth century, and on the vaulting of the southern vestibule there was discovered a polychromatic wall painting, which had been covered with modern paint coating. Some fragments of the painting were decided to be left uncovered. The painting is planned to be restored in the near future.

A new sash pulley with airtight construction, similar in appearance to an ancient window, has been mounted in the room, placed under the southern tambour. Successful repair work has been carried out on the walling and vaults of the white-stone staircase in the same room. A metal door of the XIXth century, leading to the staircase, was also restored. The staircase aperture was mounted with a modern metal handrailing.

After the restoration work had been finished in the western church porch, an external door, produced by a carpenter, was installed there. A wooden tambour with door has been restored right in the cathedral without any dismantling.