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'Ming Dynasty: The Radiance of Knowledge' exhibition will be held at the Moscow Kremlin Museums from April 17 to July 25, 2018.

Major exhibition project organized by the Moscow Kremlin Museums is devoted to the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) – one of the highlights in Chinese heritage. Passion for arts, literature, music, and in-depth knowledge of philosophical and historical texts were made a cult and composed the idea of “scholarship” in Imperial China.

“This exhibition resumes a tradition of collaboration between the Moscow Kremlin Museums and the Shanghai Museum which started with the display of Faberge collection in Shanghai in 2012. Later, in 2015, we presented the exhibition project “The Armoury Treasury of the Russian Sovereigns” which attracted 642 948 people during three months – a huge number even for China. A reciprocal exhibition will open in Moscow in April, and its theme is the culture of the Ming dynasty – a highly important period for China. All the pieces will be displayed in Russia for the first time, and the audience will be able to familiarize themselves with different art directions, feel the charm of that time”, - noticed Dr Elena Gagarina, General Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

A wonderful procession is one of the highlights of the exhibition. It is a set of 66 porcelain figures of the honourable escort – scholars, military, musicians - on a horseback and on foot, young and aged, dressed in accordance with their rank and social status, each of them performing their own function. This group was allegedly found in the tomb of Imperial family members; however, it cannot be attributed exactly. Placing this escort in the tomb meant that in the afterlife the person would hold high positions and enjoy the niceties of life as he used to. This highly decorated set, executed with high attention to detail, is unique in its art characteristics and impresses with excellent condition.

As it is shown at the exhibition, intellectuals of Imperial China were impassioned connoisseurs of art.  The display includes objects made of jade, bronze, carved lacquer and cloisonné enamels which were not only interior or dress decoration but also collectable items.

Visitors will see unique furniture of the Ming dynasty. It is notable for indicative beautiful lines and noble woodcarving: a section of exhibition reconstructs the interior of a scholar’s studio. Also, porcelain is a hallmark of the dynasty. It is justly considered an apex of production of “white gold” and is highly valued by the specialists. At this particular time masters develop wonderful colour glaze and overglaze painting technique. Visitors will also have a chance to see refined works demonstrating major accomplishment of ceramist masters of that period.

The exhibition presents over 150 objects which will introduce a true cultural phenomenon, a deep and diverse intellectual world of an educated person in Imperial China.   

Exhibition hall of the Assumption Belfry

Exhibition hall of the Patriarch’s Palace

17 April – 25 July 2018

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