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Соборная площадь Московского Кремля

In 2023, the Moscow Kremlin Museums welcomed 1 024 610 visitors. During the year, the guests visited the Armoury Chamber, the architectural ensemble of the Cathedral Square, exhibitions of the museum, lectures, workshops, cultural and educational programmes, conferences and music festivals. The milestone of a million attendance was passed for the first time after the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020.

In 2023, the Moscow Kremlin Museums launched three large exhibition projects:  The 100th Anniversary of the USSR: G. V. Chicherin and the Soviet Diplomacy”, “The Heavenly Host. Image and Veneration”, and “The Kremlin Legends: Russian Romanticism and the Armoury Chamber” that were visited by over 100 thousand guests. Besides, the Anteroom of the Armoury Chamber hosted four significant displays: “St Sergius of Radonezh”“Korea and the Armoury Chamber. The History of the Coronation Gift to the Last Emperor”,  “The Treasury of King Christian IV of Denmark”, “Lugansk Worker, the Last Resident in the Kremlin. In Memory of Marshal K. E. Voroshilov”.

“The number of visitors rose by more than 20% compared to the previous year. The Moscow Kremlin Museums is a special object with certain limitations on working hours. For this reason, the major share of visitors are tourists from regions and foreign countries – those, who can visit the museum on weekdays and during working hours. The number of guests is steadily on the rise, among others are the foreigners mainly from the Middle East, India and insular China. On the other hand, the Muscovites oftener visit the exhibitions, special programmes, lectures and music concerts in the Moscow Kremlin,” notes Elena Yu. Gagarina, General Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. 

Guided tours around the Armoury Chamber and Kremlin territory, as well as thematic excursions and cultural programmes, were traditionally popular among the museum visitors. 12 551 tours were led in the span of a year.

The lecture hall of the Moscow Kremlin Museums continued the work as an intellectual centre which was developing new directions and attracting new audiences. 143 lectures and 314 special programmes were held in 2023. The Kids and Teens Educational Programmes Centre organized 444 programmes and 112 classes for children with special needs.

In 2023, the Moscow Kremlin Museums carried out several music events:  the 4th festival “Tsars and Muses. Opera at the Russian Court”, devoted to the rise and development of the Russian opera, the 8th music festival “Ambassadorial Gifts” and the new concert cycle “Music Meetings in the Kremlin” was launched.

A number of conferences took place in the Kremlin within the frames of scientific and research work. In January 2023, the Cross Chamber of the Patriarch’s Palace hosted the 31st International Educational Readings, the theme of which became the monuments of Russian sovereigns’ piety. In March, the anniversary 20th annual scientific and practical conference "Museum Libraries in Modern Society" gathered more than 100 experts from museums, archives, libraries and universities of the country.  In October, the specialists of the Moscow Kremlin Museums held a scientific and practical seminar “Museum for School” themed “Native History: Educational Resources of the Moscow Kremlin Museums in the Context of School Programme”. The year finished with a historical seminar “Moscow and the Moscow Kremlin”.

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