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The procedure of interaction with mass media

Moscow Kremlin Museums are always glad to help and assist in getting information about the museum activity: permanent expositions, temporary exhibitions, educational projects, scientific work and publishing activity.

All inquiries from mass media are considered within three to seven days (according to the Law of Russian Federation N 2124-1 "About Mass Media").

To get the information and photo and/or video shooting, it is necessary to send a request on the official letterhead of the organization to the General Director of Moscow Kremlin Museums E.Yu. Gagarina by e-mail – and a copy of the request to the press office –

The following information should be written in the e-mail:

Request for information

  • format and subject of the material to be prepared;
  • the need for expert commentary (museum management or museum staff)
  • questions on the subject;
  • in what section and in what context the information provided will be used;
  • the desired timeframe for the response and the publication deadline;
  • contact information for feedback. 

Request for photo and video recordings

  • the format and theme of the material to be prepared
  • the need for expert commentary (museum management or museum staff);
  • a script outline and thematic questions;
  • the desired timeframe for filming;
  • a list of the museum locations where the filming is to take place;
  • a list of exhibits;
  • a list of the film crew with their passport information (full name, passport series and number, when issued);
  • information about the equipment to be used in the filming process;
  • contact information for feedback.

After the request is considered by the Museum director, a press official will contact the editorial office.


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