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1. The Museum Friends Society (hereinafter referred to as the Friends Society) is an informal entity intended to integrate the cooperative efforts of individuals and legal entities, providing financial and/or other support for The State Historical And Cultural  Museum-Preserve «The Moscow Kremlin» (hereinafter referred to as the Museum): assisting its scientific, restoration, exhibition, education and other projects and activities.

2. The Friends Society is not a public association the activity of which is subject to regulation by the 82-FZ Federal law “On Public Associations” of 19 May 1995. The Friends society does not bear any functions of a public association.

3. Individual membership within the Friends Society is determined by the amount of the yearly financial and/or other support provided by an individual as well as the bronze, silver, golden and platinum membership card received by the individual.

4. Corporate membership within the Friends Society is determined by the amount of the yearly financial and/or other support provided by an organization, as well as the amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond membership card received by the organization.

5. Support is recognized as financial and other means receive by the Museum or The Charitable Foundation For Assistance To The Moscow Kremlin Museums (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) for the Museum’s and/or the Foundation’s authorized activities or a specific program, including:

  • exhibitions, including publication of exhibition catalogues;
  • reconstruction and restoration of cathedrals and other Museum’s objects;
  • exhibits restoration;
  • purchasing of exhibits and equipment for the Museum;
  • publishing projects;
  • educational projects;
  • programs for children;
  • improvement of visiting conditions.

Support can also be provided in the form of services, supplies of materials and equipment, maintenance and construction works and other forms not prohibited by the law. 

6. Financial support is to be provided in Russian rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of the payment by the transfer to the Museum’s and/or Fund account.

7. Membership of legal entities and individuals within the Friends Society is renewed annually by paying the membership dues for the Museum development.

8. Visit to the Moscow Kremlin Museums with the membership card of the Friends Society is possible during the regular museum operation hours, except for the cases, when the Kremlin territory is closed due to the circumstances which are beyond the Museum's responsibility.