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29 May 2017- 31 August 2017

Izborsk, State Historic, Architectural and Natural-Landscape Open-Air Museum 'Izborsk'

Organized by The Moscow Kremlin Museums

18#Ivanovskaya Square of the Moscow KremlinThe exhibition of photographs from the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums held at the State Historical, Architectural and Natural-Landscape Open-Air Museum 'Izborsk' is organized within the framework of the International Conference 'Dialogue Fort Ross', which started in the United States in 2012. This time it is conducted in Russia. The Fort Ross Fortress and the open-air museum 'Izborsk' are twin towns; therefore the museum was chosen for the conference and exhibition.

The photographs are presented in several areas of the museum according to the theme, thus each theme is introduced in individual exhibition space.

On the first floor of the Estate of merchant Belyanin photographs of ambassadorial gifts are on display – evidence of international contacts, which is directly related to the border town of Izborsk. The tradition of presenting gifts to a sovereign was a common international practice widespread in the medieval and early modern periods. Ambassadorial gifts usually included the best samples of ceremonial European silver, horse harness and valuable arms and armour. Russian tsars received art pieces made of exotic materials, stylish centerpieces and table decorations as well as luxury goods.

On the second floor of the country house, there are daguerreotypes of the Armoury Chamber pieces of art, made in a complicated technique called ambrotype.

The display includes photographs of genuine masterpieces such as state regalia from the collection of the Kremlin Museums. There are depictions of the famous and the most ancient crown – the Monomach's Cap, ceremonial items, as well as unique artworks by the House of Fabergé, coronation dresses and thrones.

The wall of the Izborsk fortress bears the exposition devoted to ceremonial arms and armour and military glory. The collection of the Armoury Chamber rates among the most renowned 'historic armouries' in the world. The basis of the exhibition comprises of two historical complexes, i.e. the Sovereign's Grand Armoury Treasury – collection of arms and armor of the Russian tsars dating back to the 16th - 17th centuries, and the Imperial Ryust-kamera (from German Rüstkammer) – collection of ceremonial and hunting arms and armor of the Russian emperors of the 18th - early 19th century. There are photographs of the exhibits from the unique collection of Russian Imperial awards, being the evidence of the heroic events in national history.

In the Museum of History of Pechora town, there are photographs of the Moscow Kremlin landscapes of different seasons.

This photography exhibition is the most significant cultural event for Pskov Region as well as for Russian North-Western Federal District in general. It carries on the tradition of displaying the exhibits of the Moscow Kremlin Museums in Russian cities and neighbouring countries, working in partnership with PJSC Transneft.