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October, 27, 2011 – January, 20, 2012

Saint-Petersburg, the State Russian Museum, the St. Michael's Castle

Organised by:
the State Russian Museum 

1# Barmy (regalia collar)The exposition is remarkable for the variety of the presented articles. Through the grandeur of the project and wide range of art-historically important pieces, revealing the unsurpassed craftsmanship of the Russian craftsmen, the display is considered to be one of the most exciting ad noteworthy events among the other exhibitions devoted to the Russian medieval art. The project is supported by almost 20 Russian museums and also libraries and archives. The unique examples of icon-painting, pieces of jewellery, pictorial and ornamental embroidery, applied arts, sculpture, the rare manuscripts, printed books and birch bark letters reveal the creative role of the Orthodoxy in the history of the Russian State.

The Moscow Kremlin Museums present over 40 outstanding artworks of the XIIth-XVIIth centuries, including icons, manuscript books, items of goldsmithery, pieces of pictorial and ornamental embroidery. Most of the items are usually exposed in the Armoury chamber or the Kremlin museums-cathedrals. Some of them were derived from the treasure house of the Moscow Grand Princes and Tsars.

Visitors will see artworks, executed on the orders of Tsar Ivan the Terrible and Mikhail Fyodorovich, Tsarina Irina Fyodorovna. Several items were transferred from the Kremlin for the first time.

The exhibition is considered to be of exceptional interest for historians of art as well as public at large.