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June, 18 - September, 16, 2013

the State Historical Museum

Organised by:
the State Historical Museum, Moscow Kremlin Museums 

01# Dish-basinThe exhibition is dedicated to the history of close diplomatic and cultural relations between Russia and Holland from mid XVIth to the early XIXth centuries. The origin of historical ties between the two countries can be traced to the XVIth century, when the Dutch merchants arrived in the northern city of Archangelsk, the chief seaport of medieval Russia. Dutch craftsmen are believed to have been working in Moscow since the time of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich; the first maritime training, lessons in navigation and shipbuilding, have been provided to Tsar Peter the Great by the Dutch naval experts. Over time Russia and the Netherlands have developed a strong and long-standing relationship, which affected the social, cultural, religious, economic and political spheres.

The exposition explores trade and diplomatic ties between the two countries, the Arctic navigation of Dutchmen and Russians in the XVIth and XVIIth centuries, the exchange of their experience in cartography, Dutch officials and experts at the Russian court, the birth of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Alexander I's active interference in the Netherland's affairs during the French occupation in 1813, the marriage between William I and Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna of Russia, which united the two Royal Houses.

About 500 exhibits are presented at the exhibition, including those from Russian state museums, archives, libraries, private collections, and thirteen items brought from the Netherlands. Among maps and atlases, portraits of Dutch and Russian leaders, diplomats, merchants and travelers, models of military and commercial ships, navigation and optical instruments, the visitors can observe precious ambassadorial gifts from the Moscow Kremlin collection of silver tableware, granted to Russian sovereigns by the representatives of the Netherland.