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19 May 2021 – 26 September 2021

Vladivostok city, Vladimir K. Arseniev Museum of Far East History

The Moscow Kremlin Museums, Vladimir K. Arseniev Museum of Far East History
Participants: The Moscow Kremlin Museums


Portrait of Tsar Mikhail FyodorovichThe exhibition shows one of the most vivid periods in Russian history – early 17th - first quarter of the 18th century – the time of the new dynasty formation, overcome the consequences of the Time of Troubles, the economic development of the state, and Russia’s turning into a mighty and high-powered nation. Diplomatic ties and trade relations with other countries are being strengthened during that period as well.

The memorial importance of the display is one of its key features – a significant part of the pieces is related to the names of the Russian sovereigns, from the first tsar of the dynasty Mikhail Fyodorovich to Peter the Great, who proclaimed Russia the empire. Art pieces divided into seven thematic sections familiarize with the personalities of the Romanov dynasty monarchs, revealing their activities by presenting the most important rituals of court life – ceremonial outings and departures, military parades, receptions of foreign ambassadors, and royal feasts. Those ceremonies were the demonstration of power, merit and splendour of the Russian sovereigns. Among the pieces from the Moscow Kremlin Museums collection are the attributes of the state power, icons, being the Royal family relics, precious arms and armour, ceremonial horse harness, magnificent garments, and gifts from the European monarchs.

The final part of the show is dedicated to the unique and diverse personality of Tsar Peter the Great. The exhibits introduce the young Tsarevich Peter Alekseevich, brought up in a strongly patriarchal Russian tradition, who became a great reformer at a mature age and completely changed the state image. A group of trophies of the Battle of Poltava (1709), one of the most significant battles of the Great Northern War between Russia and the Swedish Empire, being one of the symbols of epochal achievements of Peter the Great completes this section. Soon after the Great Northern War ended in 1721, the country was proclaimed an empire.

This display is the third joint project of the Moscow Kremlin Museums and the Vladimir K. Arseniev Museum of Far East History in Vladivostok city.