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March, 10 - April, 12, 2009

the exhibition hall of Federal archives

Organised by:
the Federal Archival Agency of Russia, State Archives of Ancient Documents, Russian State Military History Archive, State Archive of the Russian Federation, Russian State Archive of Documentary Films and Photographs

01# Peak of the Streltsy' bannerThe exhibition in the State Archives of Ancient Documents is dedicated to the 300th Anniversary of the Battle of Poltava. On June, 27, 1709 Russian troops gained a victory over the Swedish army which finally gave Russia access to the Baltic Sea therefore contributed to the rise of Imperial Russia.

The exposition includes historical records of the Great Northern War's major events which are preserved in the largest Russian archival depository RSAAD. The Moscow Kremlin Museums presents over 10 exhibits relating to the Battle and Emperor Peter the Great, the main hero of this significant event. In 1709 he ordered to transfer the expropriated Swedish arms and other trophies (banners, kettledrums, interior utensils) to the Armoury Chamber. You will see officer decorations and banners' peaks, a Turkish flint-lock gun with ramrod, saber in sheath and a broadsword. Exhibits of particular interest are the items having belonged to Peter I. They include a silver beaker, delivered to Moscow in 1699 among ambassadorial gifts from Charles XII, silver bowl and cup, snuffbox, presented to Tsar by the Streltsy in 1703, cast-iron plaque stamped with an image of the Emperor's hand and a walking-stick from the Armoury exposition.

The exhibition, containing diplomatic documents and historical records of warfare, engravings on themes of the Battle and celebrations of the Russian victory, panegyrics to Peter I and his superhuman virtues and achievements, is interesting and worthy of visiting for everyone, who is keen on Russian history and culture.