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May, 14 – October, 13, 2014

Moscow, the State Historical Museum

Organised by:
the State Historical Museum, The Moscow Kremlin Museums

01#Hagiographical icon of St. Sergius of RadonezhThe Moscow Kremlin Museums perticipate in the exhibition project carried out by the State Historical Museum to commemorate the 700th anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh — one of the Russian Orthodox Church's most venerated saints, a distinguished spiritual leader and monastic reformer of Russia.

It is hard to imagine the significance of the contribution made by this remarkable figure to the spiritual life of the Russian Church and culture. He was the one to found the Trinity Lavra —  the monastery situated in the town of Sergiyev Posad, which became the spiritual and cultural center of the Russian lands. Having blessed Grand Prince Dmitri Donskoi for the fight with Tatars in the signal Battle of Kulikovo field, St. Sergius became the ideological initiator of the policy for gathering together of Rus in unity under the leadership of Moscow therefore — consolidation of the Russian state. In the reign of St. Dmitri Donskoi, his disciples started spreading his teaching across central and northern Russia. They managed to settle intentionally in the most impracticable places and founded several monasteries, those of the Borisoglebsky, Ferapontov, Kirillo-Belozersky and Vysotsky monasteries are of particular note.

The exposition in the State Historical Museum incorporates manuscripts, printed books, icons, «lubok» popular prints, engravings, portraits, historical documents, church implements, masterpieces of decorative and applied arts. Three icons of high artistic merit are on loan from the Moscow kremlin Museums.