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June, 30 - September, 10, 2006

Saint-Petersburg, the State complex "The Palace of Soviets"

Organised by:
The Moscow Kremlin Museums, State Hermitage Museum 

1# 	Dome of coronation baldachinThe exposition "Diplomatic gifts. The world language" is of peculiar characteristic. It reflects the role and significance of culture in the course of international relationships and states' representation. The pieces of virtu are illustrative of practice which remounts to antiquity: diplomatic gifts and business custom. Some of the items have reserved their status of mandatory attribute during civilized political dialogue.

The Russian Imperial court was considered to be one of the most brilliant, luxurious and distinguished courts in Europe. Russia, having been active in international politics, played the leading role among the other European countries. Not only its powerful army and fleet, but its culture, the court life, ceremonials determined the foreign policy image. Proximity of cultures, including ceremonials traditions, in many ways worked towards rapprochement of Russia with its European partners. In the XVIII - XIXth centuries the Russian monarchy managed to establish its own unique image, which has absorbed the national identity and traditionalism together with considerable European culture.

The exhibition lets the visitors reveal the specificity of diplomatic relationships between Russia and its business partners, the history of cultural, economic and military cooperation. The exhibit items were executed for precious gifts and palace implements, and were preserved as national relics. They are historical evidences of the countries' aspiration for diplomatic collaboration and economical partnership.

The visitors will conceive the magnificent events of the past while thinking about futurity of Russia and its positioning in the present-day world.