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December, 21, 2005 - April, 1, 2006

Saint-Petersburg, the Russian Museum of Ethnography

Organised by:
Russian Museum of Ethnography with participation of museums and archives of Russia with official and personal support by I.I. Klebanov, plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-Western Federal District, and D.N. Kozak, plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Southern Federal District. 

01# LadleFour halls of the display tell of the Cossacks: people, for whom the faithfulness and love to the Motherland have always been above all. 
The first hall of the display - "The Cossack circle" - is dedicated to the revival of the Cossacks in our days. On display are documents, photos, banners, uniforms and memorable signs of modern Cossacks' associations. Visitors would also see exhibits, related to the tragic destiny of the Cossacks in the 20th century.

The second hall - "The Cossacks on military service of the Motherland" - tells about the Cossacks' participation in Russian wars in the 17th - early 20th centuries, military campaigns for enlargement of borders and protection of frontiers.
The third hall - "the Cossacks at the throne" - presents sort of a parade of the Cossack armies of the Russian Empire. The fourth hall is devoted to the "Civil life of the Cossacks" and specific features of their everyday life. 

Moscow Kremlin Museums present the Cossacks' traditional pistols, a special six-feathered weapon of the 17th century (so called shestopyor) and decoration ladles of the 18th century.
The history of the Cossacks' life represented at the exhibition gives evidence to the bright originality and heroism of the Guards of the Motherdland.