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15 April 2022 – 25 May 2022

State anteroom of the Armoury Chamber

Organized by: The Moscow Kremlin Museums



The Karisalov family donated to the museum the pieces from the Kremlin Service, made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg for the Grand Kremlin Palace – the new royal residence in the Moscow Kremlin. The service was made in 1837-1839, simultaneously with the construction of the palace, and was intended for gala dinners, including coronation dinners held in the Faceted Chamber.

Fyodor Grigorievich Solntsev (1801-1892), talented graphic artist and researcher of Old Russian art, who devoted a considerable part of his life to the study of national relics, became author of the Kremlin service. A multivolume edition «Antiquities of the Russian State» depicts his graphic works of the Armory Chamber treasures.

When creating the service décor, F.G. Solntsev turned to historical items associated with Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich and his second wife, Tsarina Natalia Kirillovna Naryshkina – the plate, as well as ewer and basin set decorated with precious enamels and stones. As one of the founders of the Russian historical style, F.G. Solntsev sought to recreate the splendor and luxury of a medieval tsar's feast through the ceremonial porcelain set.

In the 20th century the pieces of the service were partially sold out through the Antikvariat – the state organization for the purchase and sale of antique goods – and ended up outside Russia.

The exhibition presents ten of the twenty items donated by the Karisalov family and accordingly returned to the museum's collection, viz plates, vases, and cups and saucers. Besides, the display includes works from the historic collection of the Armory Chamber, the 17th-century pieces of jewellery, which served as samples for the service design, and drawings by F.G. Solntsev, in order to give a chance to appreciate the variety of the Kremlin service’s forms.

This exhibition is an opportunity to express the sincere and deep gratitude to the Karisalov family for their generous donation, thanks to which the Kremlin service was enriched with a large group of beautiful pieces.