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September, 25, 2006 - January, 8, 2007

China, Peking, Meridian Gate of the Imperial Palace

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Meridian Gate of the Imperial Palace in Peking, the Moscow Kremlin Museums

Easter Egg on a base "The 300 Annunciation of the Romanov House"For the first time such a vast exhibition, placed in the Meridian Gate of the Imperial Palace in Peking, represents the unique masterpieces from the Moscow Kremlin Museums' collection.

Within the display the Moscow Kremlin Museums demonstrate the very earliest items from the Byzantine artworks' collection, i.e. one of the well-known curiosities - pectoral cross-cameo of the XIIth century, and a steel helmet of the XIIIth century.

The exhibition is divided into sections, which relate to different times and epochs, revealed by means of precious articles. The XVIth century, epoch of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, is represented by memorial items, such as knob helmet, belonged to Tsarevitch Ivan Ivanovich, the son of Ivan the Terrible, silk head-dress of Anastasia Romanovna, the first wife of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, and hauberk of boyar Nikita Romanov.

The items of the XVIIth century, recreating the atmosphere of the Tsar's ceremonials, include ceremonial court items, precious ancient Russian utensils, gold and silverware of European and Eastern makers, brought as ambassadorial gifts to Russian Tsars. The best samples of weapon, artworks, executed in the workshops of the Kremlin Stables Office, Golden and Silver Chambers, are displayed within the exhibition.

The XVIII and early XIXth centuries are represented by full-length and half-length portraits of the Russian Tsars and Tsarinas, by the Russian military insignia, production of the Imperial Porcelain Factory and Glass-works, watercolours of the well-known painter F. Solntsev.

Pieces of jewellery, executed in the beginning of the XXth century, are worthy of particular attention, for example, precious brooches, the Easter Egg "The 300 Annunciation of the Romanov House".

Such a large exhibition "Golden Russia: Treasures of the Moscow Kremlin", with artworks of a true workmanship, possesses a historical and cultural significance and lets the visitors get a foretaste of history and role of the Moscow Kremlin.