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November, 9, 2005 - January, 31, 2006

Poland, Warsaw

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The Royal Palace of Warsaw – historical monument and national heritage

Cross of the Order of the White EagleМoscow Kremlin Museums participate in large international exhibition in Poland, Royal Palace of Warsaw. The exhibition is dedicated to the Order of the White Eagle. The order was founded in the Kingdom of Poland in 1705.  It was eliminated after the third partition of Poland in1797. The revival of the Order of the White Eagle was linked to the foreign policy of the Russian Empire in the first third of the 19th century. As a result of the final act of the Vienna Congress in May, 28, 1815, Poland was divided and the Warsaw Duchy was given over to Russia. In connection with that, Emperor Alexander I declared the revival of Polish orders of the White Eagle and St. Stanislaw for rewarding citizens of the Kingdom of Poland.

The orders were included into the Russian Order System in 1831 as a result of  growing conservatism in the European policy of Emperor Nicholas I and turning of the Holy Alliance of five countries (Austria, Russia, Prussia, France and England)  into organization for fighting against revolutionary and liberation movement and suppression of rebellion in the kingdom of Poland in November, 1831. The Order of the White Eagle in the hierarchy of Russian orders occupies high position following the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky. It has no degrees.

Moscow Kremlin Museums  present five monuments of high artistic and jewelry execution, i.e. two stars of the Order of the White Eagle of the XVIIIth and XIXth century and two crosses and a ribbon of the order of the XIXth century.