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December, 09, 2008 - March, 29, 2009

Great Britain, London, the Victoria and Albert Museums

Organized by:
the Moscow Kremlin Museums and Victoria and Albert Museums

Camisole of the coronation costume of Emperor Peter IIThe display presents to the British audience an outstanding collection of court dress and ceremonial garments which include coronation uniforms and regalia of Paul I, Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II and Alexander III. The exhibition was intended for revealing the workmanship of fashion designers, dressmakers and jewellers who executed orders of the Russian nobility. Some clothes are exemplificative of the French and German fashion which was widespread through Russia in the XVIIIth century, others reflect traditional Russian forms and decorative motifs. The last-mentioned items relate mostly to the period of the early XIXth century, when the interest in history and national traditions has been renewed.

Noteworthy exhibits are the items of precious fabric for coronation celebrations, i.e. baldachins, mounts and pillows for Tsars' regalia, clerical embroidered vestments, lavishly decorated garments of grooms executed for ceremonial processions.

Kaftans and camisoles of Emperor Peter II, trimmed with silver and gold threads, masquerade costume of Nicholas II well as coronation uniforms of the next six Emperors are the highlights of the exhibition.

Visitors of the Victoria and Albert Museums will also appreciate the displayed accessories, precious items of jewellery, court arms, illustrated books and portraits of the Russian Emperors.