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July, 04, 2015 - October, 10, 2015

PRC, Shanghai, The Shanghai Museum

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The Shanghai Museum, The Moscow Kremlin Museums

Helmet – The exhibition “The Armoury Treasury of the Russian Sovereigns” begins a new chapter in the cultural cooperation between Russia and China, familiarizing the Chinese audience and all the visitors of the beautiful Shanghai Museum with the Armoury treasury of the Russian sovereigns of the XVIIth – XVIIIth centuries. Being the main court workshop as well as the Arsenal of the Russian tsars, the Armoury chamber forms the historical core of the Moscow Kremlin Museums’ collection. And it’s the Armoury chamber that gave the name to our museum from the day of its foundation in early XIXth century, being also a source of the best traditions and specific features of the Russian armourer’s art. Carefully preserved by the Kremlin Museums the unique monuments represent a full image of the Royal and Imperial arms, which has been forming during more than two hundred years in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The Armoury Chamber’s collections comprise great variety of art pieces from different centers of the Russian, Eastern and European arms-making, as well as leading schools and masters, rare technologies and designs, items of jewellery decoration and sophisticated adornments of cold steel, firearms and armour.

The collection reflects peculiarities of the history of the Russian Empire and the royal Romanov dynasty. It also represents the court culture with the magnificent tsar and imperial processions, hunting amusements of the Russian sovereigns, their court and military ceremonies, tastes of monarchs and court aristocrats, forming their inner circle.

The exhibition is intended to demonstrate the riches of the Russian sovereigns’ arms collection and to introduce the audience to its formation during the period of XVIIth – XVIIIth centuries. The splendid collection represents all the gorgeousness of the royal and imperial arsenal, such as ceremonial, hunting and service weapons as well as armours from different countries and epochs. There are more than 120 unique relics of the highest historic, artistic, memorial and material value displayed at the exhibition.

The exposition comprises two main parts – “The Royal Armoury Chamber in the XVIIth century” and “Arms collection of the Russian Emperors of the XVIIIth century”. The first part of the exhibition represents two groups of relics, demonstrating the Sovereign’s military attire and arms of a sovereign’s servant. Regiments and arms of the ceremonial guards of the Russian sovereigns deserve a separate notice.

The second part of the exposition is devoted to the collection of the arms of the Russian sovereigns of the XVIIIth century. It incorporates a group of arms and horse harness pieces, which belonged to members of the Russian royal and imperial family in order of their reign.

The exhibition “The Armoury Treasury of the Russian Sovereigns” is worth visiting for everyone interested in familiarizing oneself with riches of the Moscow Kremlin Museum’s collections and Russia as a whole that will hopefully be represented in China many more times in the future.