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March, 25, 2006 - May, 7, 2006

Japan, Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture, Kansai International Cultural Center

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Kansai International Cultural Center, Kobe city

Dessert plateInternational display in the Kansai International Cultural Center is dedicated to Napoleon, culture and art of his epoch. It is participated in by the largest museums of the world. For the Moscow Kremlin Museums it is the first exhibition in Japan after a long interval of time. Though Napoleon-commander was conquered, the art that appeared in the period of his power turned to be unconquerable. The Empire Style became characteristic for many European countries, including Russia.

Moscow Kremlin Museums present a small part of the collection of French art. However, every exhibit is a true masterpiece. Many monuments are linked to Napoleon's name. First of all, one should notice porcelain Olympic set, executed on the order of Napoleon at the famous Sevres Manufacture and presented to Emperor Alexander I in 1807 as a gift of friendship. Of particular value are works by Claude Odiot and Guillaume Biennet, illustrious French silversmiths.

Moscow Kremlin Museums have brought 33 exhibits. The small part of the museum collection allows the Japan's audience to get the idea of historical and cultural value of the Kremlin treasures. The name of Napoleon Bonaparte excites various emotions in the Russian people. He was an enemy, Russia fought against for more than ten years. He was a man, who came to Russia in 1812 and brought disasters and sufferings. at the same time, the Russian people respect him as a worthy enemy and one of the brightest persons of the world history.