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July, 11, 2009 - September 13, 2009

Monaco, the Principality of Monaco, Grimaldi Forum Monaco

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the Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Coronation mantle of Empress Maria Alexandrovna, the wife of Emperor Alexander IIThe Moscow Kremlin Museums take part in organization of a large exhibition comprising items from the collections of Russian museums in a cultural centre of the Grimaldi Forum Monaco. The project is supported by the State Historical Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, State museum "The Kuskovo estate", State Museum-Preserve "Tsarskoye Selo". About 500 masterpieces of the display expose several centuries of the Russian history. The Russian museums present icons, priestal vestments, precious pieces of precious metals executed by Russian makers of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries.

One of the exhibition's sections is dedicated to the so-called "century of gold" - the period, covering the years 1820-1860, that saw a flourishing of Russian literature, music, painting and architecture. Through an incredible photographic collection the audience retraces the "destiny of the Romanovs", revealing a moving story of life of the last Russian Emperor: from Nicholas II's accession to the throne to tragic fate of the whole family. At the exhibition Moscow Kremlin Museums presents a unique collection of items relating to solemn coronation and anointment ceremonies, having been held in the Assumption cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin during many centuries.

The opening of the exhibition coincides with the third anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and Principality of Monaco.