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August, 30 - December, 01, 2013

Denmark, Frederiksborg Castle, the Museum of National History

Organized by:
the Museum of National History in Frederiksborg Castle, Moscow Kremlin Museums

Double gobletThe Moscow Kremlin Museums take part in the exhibition project being carried out by the Museum of National History in Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark, which chronicles Russo-Danish relations 1600-1900 through a display of precious artifacts gathered from both Danish and Russian museums.

Diplomatic and trade relations between the Moscow state and the Kingdom of Denmark were based on mutual assistance pact and were officially established in 1493 when the treaty of peace and friendship has been concluded. For almost 500 years the close interaction between the two countries have been developed and intensified.

The project incorporates remarkable masterpieces by Danish craftsmen, relating to the time of the distinguished historical figures such as Peter the Great and Catherine II. The exposition also presents those artworks produced by Danish painters and goldsmiths having been employed at the Russian workshops since the foundation of Saint-Petersburg or custom-made pieces, intended for the high-ranking officials or members of the royal family.

The exhibition gives an opportunity to experience the fascinating life of Princess Dagmar of Denmark - Empress Maria Fyodorovna of Russia as spouse of Emperor Alexander III.

Two goblets and the "Deer" decorative figurine were on loan to Museum of National History from the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Derived from the collection of ambassadorial gifts of the Armoury Chamber, they had been delivered to Russia as a part of a dowry by the son of King Christian IV, Valdemar Christian, for his marriage to the daughter of the Russian Tsar.