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October, 21, 2006 - January, 28, 2007

Great Britain, London, The Gilbert Collection of Decorative Arts

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The Gilbert Collection of Decorative Arts, the Moscow Kremlin Museums

TankardThe collections of the English silver works of art and fire-arms from the Armory Chamber form the basis of the exhibition, placed in the Gilbert Collection of Decorative Arts.

The exhibition covers the "Muscovy" period of the Russian history - from the establishment of the first official relations between Muscovy and Britannia to the times of Peter the Great. In 1553 the ship "Edward Bonaventurе" appeared at the mouth of the North Dvina River. It was commanded by Richard Chensler, welcomed at the court of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Thus the English-Russian diplomatic relations have been successfully established.

The most noteworthy world-wide collection of the English silver works of art, executed during the XVIth-XVIIth centuries, is preserved in the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Some of the luxury items were gifted to the Moscow Tsars by the English sovereigns, the others were granted by emissaries from the British Crown; or they were purchased specially for the Tsars' treasury.

In order to recreate the atmosphere of the Muscovy court life, the exhibition represents works of art, made in the Kremlin workshops for the first of the Romanovs, as well as rare objects from the the Chrism Chamber. The perception of these articles will complete the idea of the exhibition concerning Muscovy and its inhabitants of the XVIIth century.