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  • 20.03.2013 - 14.07.2013

    Grand Prince of all Rus Ivan III

    The exhibition, being held in the One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch's Palace, covers the time under the Grand Prince of Moscow Ivan III (1462-1505). His reign was marked by the overthrow of the dominance of the Golden Horde over the Rus and the gathering of Russian lands around Moscow as a political centre, which laid the foundations of the Russian state. However, the personality of Ivan III and his contribution to the development of Russia was not fully appreciated by his descendants.

  • 09.04.2013 - 11.08.2013

    The Art of Restoration at the Moscow Kremlin Museums

    A new exhibition, being held in the Assumption Belfry, incorporates outstanding artworks from the Moscow Kremlin Museums’ collection, that have passed through the hands of restorers over the last ten - fifteen years. The exposition serves as a representation of the profound research and scientific work, being carrying out in the museum but still staying a veiled mystery to our visitors. Ninety five XIVth-XXth century masterpieces, made from various materials and finished with various techniques, are exposed at the exhibition. The museums’ specialists, having mastered to perfection the art of restoration, successfully employ current technologies and innovations in the restoration industry and show an exquisite workmanship in renovating artworks and historical artifacts. Their diligence and proficiency gave us an opportunity to admire the beauty and splendour of the restored items therefore to learn more about our past.

  • 11.04.2013 - 26.05.2013

    Gifts to the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Brilliants of "ALROSA" in the Russian avant-garde style

    The exposition, placed in the front hall of the Armoury Chamber, serves as a presentation of a remarkable collection "Brilliants designed in the Russian avant-garde style" of 2011, granted by the Joint Stock Company ALROSA to the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Therefore 30 precious masterpieces have become integrated into the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Fund for Contemporary Art. The exhibition includes the most part of the museum's recent acquisitions received from the company ALROSA. Each article reveals the beauty of the most popular precious stones - diamonds - thanks to the peculiarity of the artistic manner, which incorporates stylized avant-garde motifs and forms, and a successful combination of "ancient" jewellery materials with modern innovative techniques and design.