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CALENDAR: ALL EVENTS - December 2010

  • 26.10.2010 - 09.03.2011

    Sovereign Knights. Foreign Orders of Russian Emperors

    The exhibition in the One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch's Palace presents foreign decorations belonged to Russian sovereigns from the Moscow Kremlin funds. Decorating the Russian monarchs with foreign orders can be regarded as an act of diplomatic recognition of the Russian State as one of the leading powerful countries of Europe, the Middle East and Far East, Asia and America.

  • 16.09.2010 - 09.01.2011

    The Art of RenГ© Lalique

    For the first time in Russia outstanding artworks by French painter RenГ© Lalique are on display. Within the history of European jeweller's art his name is closely related to the formation and development of the delicate Art Nouveau style at the turn of the XIXth century.

  • 20.12.2010 - 15.03.2011

    The Neapolitan Nativity scenes (Presepio)

    The exhibition comprising masterpieces of the art of Presepio - a three dimensional representation of the birth of Jesus Christ – is timed to the New year celebrations and marks the year 2011 which has been declared the Year of Italian Language and Culture in Russia. Presepe is a tableau of Christ's Nativity, composed of mobile hand-made figurines by craftsmen of the House of Bourbon. The exposition presents the most well-known Nativity scenes, including the Annunciation to the shepherds, Tavern scene, Mauritanian carnival, Greens market, Textile market. All the sculptured compositions serve as detailed vignettes which portray contemporary life in the XVIIIth century Naples. Each of the exposed scenes, being both a remarkable work of art and an ethnographical relic, reveals the beauty and splendour of the Neapolitan Presepio.