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  • 26.03.2009 - 10.05.2009

    Helmet of Ivan the Terrible

    A unique sample of the mid-XVIth century Russian weapon art is going to be exhibited in the Front Hall of the Armoury Chamber. It is the helmet of Tsar Ivan the Terrible from the Royal Armoury collection in Stockholm, the oldest museum of Sweden, - a masterpiece, which is remarkable both for the name of its owner and for its destiny, related to important events in the history of Russia, Sweden and Poland. The Royal Armoury in Stockholm is the oldest museum of Sweden with a collection containing masterpieces of jewellery making and weapon art, i.e. royal treasuries, arms and armour of high historical and cultural value. One the most distinguished exhibits of the museum is the helmet of Russian Tsar Ivan IV.

  • 20.02.2009 - 20.05.2009

    Treasury of the World. Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals

    Display in the Assumption Belfry of the Moscow Kremlin presents the collection of treasuries from the Kuwait National Museum, including articles of the Mughal rulers of India of the XVIth-XVIIIth centuries. The exhibition is a part of a long-term project "Royal and Imperial treasuries in the Moscow Kremlin". Its exposition with more than 250 artworks of the Mughal period, i.e. jewellery of personal adornment, precious weapons, carved jade and crystal bowls finished with precious stones, reveals variety of techniques and craftsmanship of the Indian makers, especially technique of enameling and inlaying. The most impressive items are the precious stones inscribed with the titles of their imperial owners or decorated with delicate ornamental carving.